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Jennifer is a freelance writer, author, and entrepreneur with a particular interest in China and China culture.

She's also an avid reader of romance novels, books, movies, and poetry.

She's been featured in a number of travel magazines including The Travel Channel's Travel Destination China and the Chinese magazine China Traveler. She's also written a book, Finding a Chinese Lover: The Story of a Woman Traveling the World.

She has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's degree in Chinese, with an emphasis in chats gays the history of Chinese literature. She is the author of several travel blog posts, including a blog on Dating in China and a travel blog on China Dating. Her latest book is Gossip Girl: A Women's Love Story, a novel about a young woman who lives and works in Shanghai.

As for her boyfriend, you'll find more details about him in the following articles. In the following articles you'll find an interview with a Chinese male who was married to a British girl and was only dating a Chinese girl for 6 months. His English was pretty good, so he probably won't be a problem.