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In case you didn't know:

In 2010, a pair of female Asian elephants in the Bronx Zoo were accused of having sex on the exhibit floor. It was the first known case of female elephants engaging in homosexuality. The incident took place on February 21st, 2010, and lasted less than five minutes. The animals were transported to the Bronx Zoo and are now in quarantine. According to a New York Times report, zoo officials were unable to find anyone who knew the females. They claimed to have never received a report from the zoo about this incident. As of November 2011, all seven animals at the zoo are back home. The New York Times noted that no animal lovers were on hand to witness the event or witness the animals' reactions to each other's presence. They say it was reported by an individual who knew one of the elephants from the Bronx Zoo. The incident will be referred to the Bronx Zoo by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The Bronx Zoo did not answer questions about the incident, but did tell NBC 4 New York it was investigated. "Our team will work with the New York City Department of Health and the Bronx Zoo to get all the facts. The safety of all our elephants is our highest priority, and we take their safety extremely seriously. We will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate actions to maintain safety at the Bronx Zoo. We are a family owned and operated zoo, and our goal gay chat room usa is to ensure that our elephants have the most comfortable and healthiest possible lives. We are committed to ensuring our elephants are well cared for, and to protecting their health, well-being and safety."

The elephant was found dead at the zoo, according to the Associated Press. The zoo's website states: "To help ensure that each elephant is cared for in a healthy and safe manner, each elephant receives a specialised, individualised medical care plan tailored to their individual needs. Our staff and volunteers have dedicated their lives to this project. We have invested hundreds of hours in our care of each of our elephants and we are extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication and passion from our staff and volunteers. In order to protect the health, welfare and safety of all our animals, the Zoo has strict rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, no personal contact with our elephants."

The zoo's policy on sex is very clear. If an elephant's trainer wants to have sex with the elephant (or with you), they must inform the elephant's keeper that they are going to do so and, in the case of the female elephant, make a written request for the elephant to have sex. The elephant must be present for this chats gays to take place.

The female elephant (pictured left, from the top row) with her trainer

In the past, the animal may have been allowed to participate in the act if it had been properly informed of what was about to happen, such as by having the trainer and/or keeper speak how to meet gay guys offline to the elephant directly. However, as mentioned, the female elephant's trainer is a male.

For the record, neither the male elephant's trainer nor the elephant's trainer was present for the sex act. The elephant was never asked if it wanted to be involved.

When asked if the elephant was "enthusiastic" about it, the male trainer responded, "Oh no, it didn't international cupid app even look up at the time. She was all over the place!"

I'm not saying I would've been "enthusiastic" about it either. I don't even think I'd have been happy to see the elephant have sex with a member of the opposite sex.

However, a male elephant's interest in a female elephant is a whole other thing. I'm going to try and explain why.

When an elephant is around a male, he's not actually interested in it. However, if he's close enough to a male, he might come on to it.

The male elephant's job is to look after the elephant and the female, so in a way it's like a father/protégé relationship. So if the male is in a really close proximity to a male, then the elephant might start looking after him, and this could make it hard for the male to be left alone and free to go about his business and get the attention he needs.

There's a couple of ways to deal with free gay teen dating sites the elephant problem, both of which involve getting the elephant to leave. However, there's a third possibility: a female elephant will come on to a male elephant if she's close enough to him, but will still try and leave him alone if she's not. This is an interesting solution to a problem we've already discussed, but we think it might be more interesting to gay chat us discuss it in this context.

In short, what we want is an elephant in the elephant's territory, so the elephant won't try and run away when he's in danger. Now, of course, we don't have elephants on Earth, so we'll need to use one to solve our problems. But what is it like having a female elephant in the territory of a male elephant? This is a pretty basic question. It's one we've covered before, so I won't go into detail here. What we want to know is whether a male elephant will try and stay away from a female elephant and be friendly toward her if he's nearby, or if he'll try and attack and be aggressive toward her. One of the major points of this question is that elephants are male animals. We've talked about why they're male, and how they reproduce, and now we need to talk about how they feel about one another, and what it means. Now, I'm not going to try and give you an answer here. We can just go and look at a bunch of pictures to get a better idea. The elephant here is a male. It is actually very friendly toward the female. The elephant just kind of looks up to her and kind of watches her, which makes a pretty good first impression. Then this elephant goes gay website apps out and gets a date with a female. Now the male is also nice to the female, and they are now going to be able to have a relationship with each other, and have a life together, and have children, and be a married couple. So in a way, it is a nice picture to show. So now, when they are a little older and they start to get more independent, they have a chance to get married, and get children. But they don't really have a choice. They have to find a guy. If he is willing to take a chance on them, they can be pretty good for themselves.

And if the guy they want to date is gay, they can also date gay women. But I think that is really sad. This is just one example of all the other cases.